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Battery Quick Connect Disconnect


SBE® and SBX® connectors build on the capability of the SB® connectors that handle two primary power contacts with the capacity to have up to 8 auxiliary power / signal contacts. The centers of the connector housing’s feature a location for either: two PP15-45 housings and contacts, an innovative 1×4 auxiliary accessory, or two PPMX housings that can accommodate up to 8 aux contacts. In addition, the housings meet IEC 60950 & IEC60529 touch safe requirements.

Sequencing within auxiliary positions is possible using the 4 pin lengths available in the 1×4 auxiliary accessory however the auxiliary contacts mate last / un-mate first in relationship to the power contacts. While SBE® and SBX® housings offer similar capabilities, the SBE® connector housings are molded from a chemical resistant PBT/PC blend resin allowing them to meet EN1175-1 requirement and are tested to EN1175-1 standards. SBX® are molded from a rugged PC resin that is more impact resistant and are tested to UL/CSA requirements.
Available in three sizes: SBO®60/SBE®80, SBE®160/SBX®175, and SBE®320/SBX®350
Silver Plated Wire Contacts for Wires up to 350 mcm (185 mm²)
Allows low resistance enabling UL rated currents up to 550 amps per pole
Up to 8 Last-mate / First-break Auxiliaries
Enables intelligent power switching, CAN and interlock loop circuitry, as well as power up to 20 amps per pole
Durable Housings and Contacts
Like all Multipole connectors, the silver plated power contacts and plastic housings are rated up to 10,000 mating cycles
Touch Safe Interfaces
Minimizes potential contact with live circuits per IEC 60950 & IEC 60529
Color-coded Mechanical Voltage Keys
Like all Multipole connectors, the SBE®,SBO®, and SBX® offer an easy way to identify circuits and protect against cross mating

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